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About Us


We are California Mission Hospice and our only mission for being is to provide the utmost care for your loved one during this most trying moment. Our nurses and caregivers will take care of all discomforts and inconveniences to insure that dignity and quality of life is sustained, making peace and love so much better experienced by everyone during this most important moment for family and dear friends.

Mission & Vision

We have a mission, a purpose for our existence. We believe that appreciation of life is a collection of pleasing emotional moments, endearing experiences and beloved memories. We feel that it is our responsibility to keep this love for life true and unwavering. It is our task to make the inevitable less of a saddened occasion and more of a time to share love all around without the discomfort and inconvenience of the situation. It is our job to give the individual the opportunity to complete all matters with peace, dignity and comfort. And finally, it is our hope that life in its fullness and perfection is embraced by all. Only then could we have accomplished our task.

It is our quest and our ambition that to as many people as possible, we could alleviate a good portion of the uncertainty, the fear and the sadness that overwhelms everyone confronted by the reality of life’s finiteness. It is our hope that we could make it a little better for everyone who is touched by the situation, that our services will go beyond muffling the grief and more into understanding and embracing the perfection that life truly is.

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